5 Ways to Foster Stability During Uncertain Times

We all experience differently. How we handle stress and pressure is dependent on many different factors. We all have different responses, whether it's fear, anger, sadness, or withdrawal. And, since we all require different approaches, there is never a one-size-fits-all approach to creating stability when we feel we're on a hamster wheel and can't get off. 

However, there are some general things that can help people to stay calm during times of uncertainty. I've outlined a list of tangible tools that have worked in my own life when things begin to feel out of control. 


Self-care is one of the quickest stress relievers, and it's an easy way to shift my energy. A bath or a long shower is an excellent way to release stress and relax. Immersing yourself in nature is another great way to reconnect with the universe. Whatever you find to be the most relaxing for you, seek that. 


Expressing gratitude can help calm you down by making you feel more...

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Why Putting Yourself First Isn't Selfish

self love Oct 31, 2022

Society has guilted us into believing the myth that putting yourself first is selfish. Why, as a society, are we devaluing the importance of putting ourselves first? Taking care of ourselves is fundamental. 

We often hear the phrase “you can’t pour from an empty cup,” and while it’s a great quote to refer to, it’s incredibly realistic. If you are running on empty, how can you possibly pour into your family, friends, or job? You can’t. Taking care of yourself puts you in a position to be better for those around you.

Your Best Self Comes Alive

I no longer put myself before anyone, I’ve done it before, but I won’t do it again. My energy was depleted, and I put myself on auto-pilot resulting in constant burnout. I wasn’t the best version of myself, which was very clear to those around me. I put myself first because I want my energy to be vibrant, my happiness to overflow onto others, and the world to see the best version of who...

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