Why is Healing Never Done

healing Dec 12, 2022

Healing is a journey but a journey that never actually ends. When we approach the process of healing, we often feel empowered. But, you will be let down when you approach healing as a fix rather than a process. Healing is not a destination but rather a journey. But that doesn't mean you can't discover peace in the process. 

One of the most apparent reasons that healing is never finished is that there is always something new that can happen to us that requires us to heal. These situations and experiences leave scars, and they become a part of our past. While we may recover from our past wounds, they are often revisited. 

Throughout my journey, I've learned that healing is a continuous process. It's a cycle that often repeats itself. You go through an experience, and you get to a point where you feel "okay," but then you have a bad day or you hear a triggering song and feel yourself filling up with painful emotions or negative energy.

But even though healing is never complete, it is still worth going through. Because without healing, we would never be able to move on from our hurt and pain. We would never be able to grow and learn from our experiences. Healing gives us a new perspective and helps us to interpret things moving forward. It doesn't take away the trauma; instead, it helps you unfold forgiveness and learning while enabling you to uncover the ability to move forward.

So often, people believe healing means completely forgetting and moving past the pain, but that's not what healing entails. It means you choose to move forward rather than stay stagnant or, better yet, move backward. Healing is an ongoing process that never really stops. Even when we think we've healed from a past hurt or trauma, it can often come back later in life. This is because healing is not a linear process but rather a spiral that we move up and down on throughout our lives.

One of the most significant components that block us from healing is the lack of tools. We may need to learn how to forgive or how to set boundaries. We may need to learn how to love ourselves or how to deal with our emotions in a healthy way. Without these tools, we can't move forward in our healing. Coming to terms with the healing process and accepting it as a necessary part of life can help us find peace and happiness. After all, healing helps you to uncover your true strength.

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