Within you lies the makings of a powerful creator and the mysteries of the Universe. Within you, you hold ancient wisdom and possess tremendous healing power.

The magic within you is infinite and it has the potential to take you places you’ve ever dreamed possible. It's time to ignite the magic within and to begin to work with it consciously and with consciousness!

Allow me to help guide you through the process of helping you find the mighty-ness of your soul.

This is what you get access to when joining Owning the Magic Within:


Monthly Energy Readings that will be broken down into the energy of the week and how you can manifest using the guidance received by spirit. 


You will also receive powerful techniques and tools to use around the New and Full Moons. 


Each week there will be accountability threads that will support you with staying on track and focused towards deliberate creation. 


 Monthly clarity calls to be sure that you are healing what’s holding you back and stepping into what will propel you forward!


 Private Facebook group with connections with other members


 Access to me within the group to ask questions.

When we come together as a group, the energy is magnified! 


When we support the manifestations of others, the power of our own manifesting expands!



All this for only $33.00 

or you can pay for the year and enjoy 2 free months! $333.00 Now THAT is a powerful investment!


$33.00 USD


$333.00 USD

Doors will be closing soon, so sign up now and experience the magic that awaits you.