How to Use Guided Meditation

Uncategorized Mar 20, 2023

There are countless benefits to using meditation daily, but for many, beginning this ritual can be challenging. This is why many people turn to guided meditation. Guided meditation is when the meditation is being led by someone else, and this is often done by using mental imagery and breathing exercises to help your body relax as you are guided through your meditation. 

Meditation has enormous benefits to our physical, mental, and emotional health and plays a significant role in helping us gain clarity and decrease stress. It is an incredible experience that changes us, provides clarity, and strengthens our ability for self-connection. 

However, It’s not uncommon when beginning meditation to find it challenging to focus or let your mind wander, which is why using guided meditation is effective for many. Guided meditation can be done through subscriptions and guided meditation apps, or I encourage you to try my guided meditation album. 

Through the process of guided meditation, you are being led by another individual, which helps increase your ability to focus because you are not relying on yourself to gain focus. Especially if you are beginning your journey with meditation, guided meditation is often referred to as the training wheels of meditation because you’re less likely to get frustrated and give up. Silencing your mind and thoughts is not easy, but with guided meditation, you have an increased chance of staying in focus.

Guided meditation is especially great for those who struggle with meditating on their own or cannot quiet their mind. Through the instructor, you can be reminded to focus your attention solely on a calm state of mind. As you begin to strengthen your abilities with guided meditation, you will find that individual meditation becomes a more manageable task. 


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