Listen to Expanding the Light Within Meditation Album NOW!

 The Ultimate Meditation Album with 12 tracks for anyone who is looking to incorporate daily mindfulness practices into their routine. 

Each track was carefully crafted with you in mind. It is an expression of understanding, truth, and self love. It is how I practice mindfulness in my life.

Practicing mindfulness and meditation has changed my life immensely and has allowed me to stay more grounded and focused on my purpose in life. Purchase the album now!

Meditation Album



Hi! I'm Jackie!

I am a Soul Expansion Coach, Energy Healer, Best Selling Author and Business Coach. I help people rediscover and open their spiritual gifts, step into their authentic power, and manifest the lives they were always meant to live!!

My mission and purpose is to help spiritual entrepreneurs and thought leaders shine brighter and make more of an impact in this world. Combining all that has been experienced since my spiritual journey began and my experience since stepping into my business, I have helped hundreds transform their purpose into fulfilling careers!