Discover The Power Within You

Are you ready to begin your journey of soul discovery?
 You’ve got that ache, that itch, that whisper telling you there is so much more inside of you, ready for you.
 You’ve had the realization that there is something bigger than you at play in this existence.
 You’ve recognized that you’ve reached the limit of what you can do by yourself and are now ready to explore even further.


I am here to guide you on your journey: a journey of healing, a journey to the depths of your inner being, a journey that will allow you to discover your own psychic and intuitive abilities.


Let’s Explore Together

Together, we will identify and clear the blocks that are in the way of your intuitive understanding and your psychic gifts.

Alongside my guides and your guides, we will lean into, strengthen, and expand your intuition. 

We will heal what is blocking you from receiving your gifts and from receiving the unconditional love all around you.

I will help you connect to the Universe and embrace its all loving support and its desire for you to achieve all you want for yourself, and so much more beyond.

Beyond money, beyond status, beyond the material… it is possible for you to connect with your authentic happiness!

There is more…

More inside of you. More in the Universe. More waiting for you.


My 8-month 1:1 Coaching Program is right for you if you are ready to…

  • Develop your psychic abilities and embrace your spirituality
  • Heal and connect with your intuition so you can truly trust yourself
  • Recognize your purpose so you can embrace all that is possible for you
  • Create your impact so you can make a powerful difference
  • Expand your soul so you can feel the unconditional love of true connection
  • Anchor your spirituality into your each and every day 

Through 1:1 Coaching, I use my own psychic abilities to help you connect with Source, connect with your own guides, and tap into your own unimaginable potential.


How do I do this?


I connect to your energetic signature. Everybody’s energy is different. I tap into your chakra system and become aware of where your blocks reside.

Going even further, I am able to dive deep into your cellular structure to really understand your connection to your physical body.

By accessing your energy system, I help you identify, heal, and clear the blocks that are stopping you from connecting with and listening to your own intuition and your own guides.

We work on a soul level. I also share with you the practices and self-care that will nourish your mind, body and spirit to anchor the growth of your psychic abilities in the physical world.


How does the 1:1 Coaching Program work?

Coaching takes place through 1:1 Coaching Calls with Jackie

  • All calls are 60 minutes, via Zoom, and recorded.
  • For the first 6 months, the Coaching Calls will be weekly.
  • For the final 2 months, the Coaching Calls will be biweekly as you more independently implement all you have explored.

You will also receive:

  • Access to all of Jackie’s Group Programs that are running during our time together
  • Access to Jackie’s full Content Library (EE, Energy & You, Manifesting YOU!, 5 Levels of Healing)
  • An entry ticket to any of Jackie’s Retreats that occur during our time together

Pay in Full




8 Monthly payments of




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Meet Your Coach

Hi, I'm Jackie

I am a Soul Expansion Coach, Energy Healer, Best Selling Author and Business Coach. I help people rediscover and open their spiritual gifts, step into their authentic power, and manifest the lives they were always meant to live!

I believe most people’s spiritual awakening begins with a dark night of the soul. It certainly did for me. I remember questioning if there was more to life than where I found myself at the time. And where I found myself was unsatisfied, unfulfilled, lacking purpose and connection. Connection primarily to myself. At that time, I had no idea that there was such a connection with the universe.

I have since made it my mission and purpose to help spiritual entrepreneurs and thought leaders shine brighter and make more of an impact in this world. Combining all that has been experienced since my spiritual journey began, I have helped hundreds transform their lives! 

I’m excited to embark on this journey with you.