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This is a space where you can set yourself free, be who you are, and learn about yourself.
I have created these episodes so that your soul can expand and blossom into what it knows it has always been, affluent, powerful, worthy, and full of life.
This is a podcast that digs deep into your spiritual journey, breaks down the barriers of spirit and business, self improvement, and manifesting your best life. Join me sovereign soul, and let's push the boundaries together.



What people are saying...


"Jackie’s voice is so soothing and hypnotic. I love to start my day listening to her and guest speaker. Many great subjects are discussed and I look forward to each new episode. I listened to many podcasts and Jackie’s is by far my favorite one to listen to. Good work Jackie! I love your energy."


Welcome, healers, entrepreneurs, career driven mamas -

Hi, I'm Jacqueline

I’m a Self Mastery Guide, Best Selling Author, Podcast Host, Speaker and Mom of 4 beautiful kids.

With my passion for connection and all things God/Universe/Divine and Self, I support women just like you everyday.

My story started back in 2017 after realizing that there were no other books to read regarding self-discovery or personal development. I knew that I was descended for more but wasn't sure what that looked like. After starting my psychic business and helping others tune in to Spirit, I quickly learned exactly what that was and here we are today!

NOW 8 years later I have supported thousands with their journey towards Self- Mastery and their ability to connect to their own intuitive, psychic and healing gifts!

I am here to guide you to bring spirit into form – to embody the divine essence within you.

My mission is to aid you in recognizing your Self beyond the confines of ego, monetary value, titles, or perceived flaws.

Are you ready to bring your Spirit into form and start living your true potential and purpose?

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