3 Important Tips to Remember When Creating Your Vision Board

Uncategorized Mar 27, 2023

A vision board is a tool used to help manifest your goals and dreams. It is a physical representation of what someone wants to achieve in life and can be used as a reminder of their intentions. It typically consists of images and words placed on a board or poster, which can be customized to reflect desires. 

Vision boards can be crafted with a bulletin board with words, phrases, and pictures that guide you to what you want to create. Preparing your vision board is a fun experience that allows you to set your intentions. But, to set your intentions, it's essential to meditate and journal before choosing what you want to add to your vision board. 

Vision boards can be used to help focus on a particular goal, stay motivated, and remind oneself of what they want to achieve. They can also be used to create a positive mindset and to help visualize the future. A vision board is a consistent reminder to stay motivated to create a life we aspire to have.

As you craft your vision board, begin to let your mind wander into the future to align your current self with your future self. Here are a few essential tips to remember when crafting your vision board.


Set a realistic goal for your achievements. 

Allow yourself to become intentional when you set your goal. Using a goal helps to become the focal point of your vision board rather than a slew of quotes and visuals. I love to sit in my thoughts and use my journal to brainstorm before creating my vision board. It leads to my vision board becoming a place of intention. When selecting images, words, quotes, and visuals, be sure they are aligned with your goals, hopes, and dreams. This board is a physical representation of who you are. 


Revisit Your Board

Vision boards are often aligned with your new year's resolutions or goals, but we all know that sometimes we make those resolutions and never revisit them. Keep that from happening with your vision board. Hang it in a place you see daily and revisit your board regularly. And don't be afraid to change things on your board that no longer align. We all change. Embrace it. It is a part of growth!


Manifest it.

You've taken the time to craft a vision board. Now it's time to work with the higher power by trusting yourself and your ability to bring your desires to life. Ask yourself, does this align with the life I'm seeking? Use your vision board as your key to manifestation. 


Do you use a vision board? I'd love to know in the comments.


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