3 Tips for Staying in Your Lane

Uncategorized Feb 20, 2023

“Stay in your lane”, I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase once or twice. Essentially, it means to stick with what you know and mind your own business in the friendliest terms. In today’s world, we are constantly exposed to others’ lives through social media. It’s powerful. It becomes easy to compare your actions to their lives and accomplishments. Instead of celebrating them, we envy them. When you become mindful about staying in your lane, you create the power to avoid negative self-talk, avoid comparison, and, most importantly, eliminate judgment of others. Here are three ways you can channel your energy to stay in your lane. 

Uncover Your Triggers

Uncovering your triggers is one of the most prominent ways to figure out how to stay in your lane. If you are constantly scrolling social media, wondering why you don’t drive that car or have that house, then, of course, you will become wrapped up in envy and self-pity. If you know there are specific accounts that trigger you, unfollow them. You hold power, and only you can dictate and unfold your triggers.

Identify Your Niche

Focus on your work and your niche. When you become focused on your mission and path, you won’t be tempted to worry about what others are doing or saying. As you root down in your niche, you become the expert; therefore, you stay in your lane, and you gain excitement and momentum to educate others. When you have firmly planted what you believe in, you won’t succumb to what others do because it doesn’t relate to you.

Saves Your Energy

It’s natural to become affected by other people’s words, actions, or beliefs, especially when they directly relate to you. But, when you adopt the mindset of staying in your lane, you build up the compassion that maybe others don’t know how yet. You come to the table knowing that you don’t have to carry the burden of other people because those issues are theirs. Staying in your lane allows you to be supportive without expecting to carry others’ baggage. 


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