Why I Had to Quiet the Noise

Uncategorized Feb 13, 2023

The world is not just physically noisy but mentally and emotionally noisy as well. Life is busy whether you are a parent, an entrepreneur, or working in the corporate world. We have many daily expectations on top of the noise we are being fed from social media. It's exhausting to constantly be fed expectations of what and how you live your life.

It's easy to fall into the social comparison trap, which ultimately negatively affects our mental well-being and the energy we are pouring into the world. The world is full of constant noise; unfortunately, it will always be there, so taking a break and quieting it is on us. But there are a few ways to avoid letting the noise overwhelm you and take control of your clarity. There are a few things we can do to empower ourselves to manage the noise and form habits that help us reclaim our clarity and peace.


Right before the holidays, I felt myself falling into the quicksand of comparison, and I asked myself why I was not where that person was, etc. It's not like me; I am very independent and love to do things in a way that feels right. So why was I being influenced by others' actions? I took a step back and reprioritized what was important to me. And, for me, this was found through rest. I took a much-needed social media break and decided that the rest was the answer to refueling myself. It's essential to stay intentional with what brings you joy and what doesn't.

Clear the Clutter

Energy is affected by your physical and mental state so clearing the clutter mentally and physically is intentional for combatting the noise and gaining clarity. For some, it could mean decluttering their homes; for others, it could be unfollowing those social media accounts that drag you into the comparison trap. Decluttering allows you to clear up space for the things that matter and bring you peace.

Create Time for Quiet 

Carve out time in your day for intentional quiet. This could be a quiet drive to work, 10 minutes of journaling, or dedicated meditation time. Become intentional about allowing for serenity within your day.

Set Boundaries 

Boundaries are essential for quieting the noise. When you establish boundaries for yourself, you are intentionally getting clear on who you are and what you want and honing in on your values and beliefs. Boundaries help you set your limits.


Take time to unplug. On Sundays, you avoid social media, or after 7 pm, you set your phone down for the evening, or it could be a no media at dinner rule. Whatever you set in place for yourself, take time to unplug from the world. We often need to realize how much time we spend scrolling social media or being engulfed by the news. Even as adults, excessive screen time results in a loss of clarity and increased irritability. 

When you take time to step away from all the noise, you give yourself a chance to be one with your thoughts, and it truly allows you to form a deeper connection with yourself. As a society, we view rest as weak; instead begin to see it as a form of self-care essential for peace, relationships, and confidence.


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