How to Stay Present During the Holiday Season

holiday presence Dec 19, 2022

We are entering the holiday season, and our to-do lists can be demanding without the added pressure of the holidays. While the holidays bring excitement, joy, and memories, it also comes with shopping lists, travel, preparation, meeting deadlines, closing out tasks, and ensuring everything in your personal and professional life is squared away for you to feel fully present. 

The holiday season can be as special as it can be overwhelming. Still, there are a few ways to prepare to feel completely present and focused and enjoy what’s important to you this holiday season. When your energy is focused on something else, or your mind has shifted to overload, it’s easy to miss moments because you’re focused on something else. Being present isn’t being somewhere physically. It’s a mindset. 

Plan to be Present

Personally and professionally, the end of the year can be chaotic, and you’re closing out projects, finishing tasks, buying gifts for your team, batching out content, etc. And all of these deadlines can make it impossible to step away to enjoy the holidays. But, when you are working, it’s essential to be present in this work. This means no opening tabs to shop on Amazon while sending emails. And the same goes for spending time with family. If you’re taking a trip to a Christmas light festival, put your phone away and save the work for later. Being present in the moment takes practice, but planning and delegating your tasks makes it easier to be present in that moment.

Express Gratitude

One of the best ways to cultivate presence is by expressing gratitude. Stop for a moment, look at your surroundings and think about what you are grateful for. Your energy will shift, creating an intuitive ability to be present. 


Make a list of what is important to you this holiday season, and write down the personal and professional things you want to do. There is not enough time to do it all, and saying no to one thing allows you the ability to say yes to another. Remember, don’t overextend yourself. Hanging onto your boundaries during the holiday season helps you control your stress and energy.

Meditate and Breath

The holiday season is a beautiful time full of experiences and memories, but it can quickly turn into stress and chaos. Here are all the benefits meditation has on your life. However, with meditation and breathing exercises, we can head into the day with a positive energy that allows us to be mindful of staying present in each moment. 

"Wherever you are, be all there" —Jim Elliot



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