The Sticky Truth About Mental Health

Uncategorized May 08, 2023

Mental health is a topic that is becoming more widely discussed and accepted, but there is still a long way to go in breaking down the stigmas and barriers that surround it. 

Mental health can be sticky, uncomfortable, and challenging to discuss, but it's essential to address these issues to create a world that supports and empowers those struggling with mental health.

The world is chaotic, and there is so much going around in the physical world that can make it a scary place to be, triggering anxiety, worry, fear, and depression. It's important to have conversations about how you can maintain your mental health while in crisis or experiencing trauma.

It's imperative to remember that we have to give ourselves grace, especially when we live in a world where we don't always have security, nor do we have the answers. We must prioritize ourselves and put our mental health at the forefront. 

As a mother and female, the world conditioned me to believe that putting myself first was wrong and selfish. But, I quickly realized that many of the issues I struggled with were due to a lack of prioritizing myself and my mental health. When we take care of ourselves, we create our happiness and turn around and directly teach our children and families that we are in charge. 

When we don't care for ourselves, our bodies begin to shut down, signaling that something is wrong. We become overwhelmed, anxious, and depressed, and our bodies will quickly go into overload. Taking care of your mental health is a commitment and requires persistence, but it also looks different for everyone.

Therapy, journaling, exercising, and removing toxicity from our lives are all ways of caring for ourselves mentally and physically. The truth is, no one is going to advocate for you, and you have to be the one to stand up for yourself. 

Unfortunately, the external world is just a piece of the puzzle that might constantly be triggering. Still, when we prioritize our mental health, we learn to combat the anxiety and the fear, but instead, remember that we're in control of our thoughts and actions, leading to stability within.


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