Using Journaling to Expand Your Soul

Uncategorized Mar 13, 2023

Journaling is an incredible tool that is powerful and essential for spiritual growth. Journaling has continued to be a part of my daily practice, it’s how I connect with myself, but it’s how I obtain clarity and gain a deeper connection to spirit. 

Journaling is an impactful tool and one of the most impactful ways to create soul expansion, And the best part is it’s simple. But, for some reason, many people are hesitant about implementing journaling into their everyday routine. I want to share a few tips that have helped me on a journey with journaling. 

Most importantly, relax.

There are no steadfast rules with journaling, and no one is standing over your shoulder and double-checking your work. Journaling is for you. It can be challenging to begin the journal writing process, so I highly recommend you find a peaceful place where you can truly utilize your time to write.

Create the Intention

For many, this can be the part where they get stuck. You have to create the intention, which is where subscribing to journal prompts or using guided meditation can help you overcome this hurdle.

Be Honest

When journaling for spiritual growth, you must be honest with yourself. Use your journal to face your ego head-on, call yourself out, and, most importantly, hold yourself accountable. 

Be Consistent 

We’ve all fallen victim to picking up habits but not maintaining them, don’t let journaling be that habit. If you need to set the alarm, do it. If you journal when you’re called to, do it. The most important aspect of journaling is to be consistent. Not all journal writing has to be extensive. Just use the moment to its fullest potential.

Trust the Process

Your journal is your sacred space. It’s the process of removing the words from your mouth and putting them on paper. Journaling is the ability to externally process your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and needs. The ability to sit and set an intention to speak directly to your soul changes the trajectory of your spiritual journey. 


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