Why Gratitude Matters

connection gratitude growth Nov 21, 2022

Have you ever found yourself in the space of questioning? You are unsure of what's next, and clarity is lacking. We let these emotions weigh us down and put us in a negative state. This is where the role of gratitude shines through. Gratitude is an emotion that grounds us and raises our vibration out of the negative and into the positive, which can shift our entire mindset. Why? Because we simply sit in a space that allows us to reflect on what we have and all we've been given. 

Gratitude can help you get clear by focusing on the positive aspects of your life. When you are grateful, you are more likely to see the good in people and situations, which can help you make better decisions aligned with your spirit. When we are grateful, we are more likely to be happy and have positive outlooks on life. Additionally, gratitude can help us to build strong relationships, as we are more likely to show appreciation for others. We begin to incorporate mindfulness into our routine.

When your brain is bogged down with envy, criticism, self-doubt, jealousy, and resentment, your mental state will be directly affected. Allowing yourself to be in a state of jealousy is when you count others' blessings before your own. Therefore, your mindset is shifted towards what others have. But, when you begin actively practicing gratuity and letting it flow through your mind, your mental well-being shifts towards a more positive attitude.

So, how do we begin this shift toward practicing gratitude? We actively practice through journaling and meditation to the point where it becomes a natural and simple part of our routine. As you progress towards practicing gratitude every day, you will begin to see a shift in celebrating not only the big wins but the small wins, too. Your overall demeanor changes. It rewires you to become a happier person. 

Here are a few questions and ideas for implementing a practice of gratitude:

  • Begin by observing how you show gratitude towards others. Count the thank yous that you say throughout the day. How did those make you feel?
  • Pick one interaction from the day to reflect on. What made it beautiful?
  • What physical abilities do I have that I take for granted?
  • What am I better at today than I was a year ago?
  • What has someone done for me this week that I'm grateful for?
  • Reflect on three things to express gratitude on. 

Throughout the day, when you come in contact with someone at the coffee bar, food store, or any other service geared venue, note the person who is helping you, look them in the eyes and say thank you for helping me. It is guaranteed to change both your worlds. 

Taking a moment to pause, reflect, and journal these answers immediately redirects our energy to focus on all we have and sparks positive energy. Expressing gratitude improves our connection to not only our relationships and the people around us but to the universe itself. We begin to see that what is happening in the world is not to us but instead an opportunity for us.


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