How Your Expectations Create Disappointment

Uncategorized Jan 23, 2023

Expectations are the beliefs you hold about an outcome you think will happen. When situations don’t come to fruition, we expect disappointment and discontentment to come to the service. When reality doesn’t match what we had hoped, we often find ourselves in a state of sadness and questioning, which places us in a lower vibration. 

Disappointment is a form of heavy grief, and it can leave us feeling paralyzed and questioning our abilities and direction, and ultimately unable to move forward. How do we relinquish expectations, so we no longer sit in disappointment? 

Begin by looking at the expectation as a whole. When we think about expectations, we tell ourselves, “because I did this, this will happen.” We are giving expectations the ultimate control. 

To begin to let go of perceived expectations, you must place yourself in a state of gratitude. When your expectations outweigh your ability to see reality, you lack appreciation. When you sit back and reflect on the things you have, you learn to accept that when a situation ends up differently than expected, you become grateful because something better is coming.

That is not to say that disappointment will never occur because it will. But, use your disappointment as a lesson. Use this opportunity to reflect and journal on why you are disappointed in the outcome. Use gratitude as a response to remove yourself from disappointment. Disappointment can be used as a learning opportunity but do not hover there. Allow yourself to sit in the expectation, think about it, and ask yourself, what prevents me from getting what I want? 

The universe will show us our way only when we surrender, but we must remember that expectations are not our friends. We become controlled by them. They remove happiness and lead us into a vibration that prevents the universe from showing us our true path. You must declare your expectation or something better, and the universe is invited into the process. 


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