“The Universe wants you to achieve all that you desire and it will stop at nothing to help you achieve and create it!”


Together, Let’s Unfold 2023


Did last year knock your socks off? 

Wonder “how can it get any better than this?” 

Or perhaps was it different from what you expected and

now, you’re longing for more! 

Good news. 

It can get better. 

 In fact it WILL be better and you’ve come to the right place. Jacqueline is here to empower you with what’s to come in the year ahead. She will help you mentally and energetically prepare for more success, more joy, more peace and more fun. 


2023 Outlook is For You If:

You want insight into what's to come.

✨ You want a deeper look into where you are now and where you’re going.

✨ Need clarity of what’s ahead. 

✨ You have a vision but are unclear on how to grasp it.

✨ Need direction on how to step into the new you.


So, What’s Included:   

90 Minute Call

During this call we'll cover 2023 month by month and gain clarity + insight around what each month will hold for you.

45 Minute Strategy Call

During this call we'll dig deep into the steps, processes, and energetic work you need to take to make the year ahead your most successful. The guides will be on hand to perform any healing that may need to be done in order for you to step into more power.

45 Minute

End of Year Check-In

During this call we will look at where you may be stuck and do some energy clearing to move things ahead. 

We can tap in to the energy for the year ahead and gain insight and wisdom that support us along our path to remain in our power, to create our hearts desires and to bring in all the abundance we crave.

Using my psychic abilities I will channel your guides and the energy that presents for you. We will go into the energy for each month and guide you with the clarity you need to to make it the most successful year yet!

Are you ready to Foresee 2023



I'm Ready!

If you schedule before January 1, 2023, you will also receive up to (2) additional 60 minute sessions at 50% off!